How To Make An Herbal Tea Smoothie

I’m a huge fan of smoothies. I try to blend a drink at least once a day, and have used green drinks, fruit smoothies, and homemade protein drinks to reach several of my personal health and fitness goals over the past few years. Smoothies are a great addition to any healthy diet because they allow us to get fruits, veggies, greens, and superfoods in a way that’s gentle on our digestion and free of added sugars and preservatives. Smoothies can be so healthy, in fact, that many people make them as a meal replacement to help lose weight or gain muscle! While smoothies made from the right kinds of foods are already packed with healing nourishment, there’s a way to make them even more powerful. Today, I’m going to show you how to combine the power of healing herbal tea with your favorite smoothie – and if you’re like me it will become your new favorite way to blend!

What’s Inside?

Smoothies tend to have a more powerful flavor than even the strongest herbal teas, and that means we can mix pretty much any herbal tea we want into a smoothie without worrying too much about flavor. If you have an herbal tea that you have been working with for personal healing, that’s a great one to start with in blending smoothies. Often times the taste of a particular herbal tea blend inspires other whole foods you could mix with it – apples with chamomile, tangelos with cacao, greens with echinacea or goldenseal, and so on.

I love mixing herbs and foods to create great flavor profiles – but healing is always my focus when I throw everything into the blender. Focus on making your smoothie from wholesome, organic, whole foods – especially leafy greens. From there, add in superfoods, nuts, seeds, oils, and other goodies. Finally, add in your herbal tea in the method outlined below to get the benefit of everything with each sip you take!

Herbal Tea Smoothie How To

Preparing Your Herbal Tea

I like using a raw, cold-steeped herbal tea for use in smoothies. Since most of what I put in the blender comes out of the fridge, I like to keep my drinks crisp, cold, and fresh.

How To Cold Steep Herbal Tea 07

Here are two simple how-tos that will show you the easiest ways to make an overnight cold-steeped herbal tea in your fridge, or an iced herbal tea if you need to make it same-day. I prefer using the cold steeped method so that I can prepare it at night and it will be ready to go for my morning smoothie the next day…

How To Make Cold Steeped Herbal Tea

How To Make Iced Herbal Tea

Herbal Tea Smoothie Recipe

Get Blending!

Now that you have your cold or iced herbal tea, it’s time to prep your smoothie!

Get your smoothie ingredients together like usual. Wash and prepare them for blending.

When it comes to the part where you would normally add plain water, juice, milk, or other liquids, top off your smoothie with your herbal tea!

When you blend up your drink, you’ll end up with the benefits of whatever foods you put inside with the herbal tea you’ve chosen. This is a simple, delicious, and effective way to benefit from just about every part of Nature’s healing bounty!

Pretty simple, right?

The spring and summer seasons are the perfect time to work with raw, cold steeped, and iced herbal tea – and there’s no healthier way to get all the benefits of plant nutrition than by combining herbs with fruits, veggies, greens, nuts, seeds, oils, and more!

Get creative, and think about which foods your favorite herbal teas remind you of. Blend them up and make healing magic happen!

How I Blend

There are literally hundreds of blenders on the market – some of them cost well over $100. Many people have asked me over the years about what kind of blender I use and how much I paid for it. Well, prepare to be amazed! I am not one of the people with the high-end fancy blenders. I have a small smoothie-specific blender that I paid very little for on Amazon. It’s now over 5 years old and still going strong. I’d say it’s completely paid for itself many, many times by now.

Here’s the one I have – I think it’s a great buy for the smoothie enthusiast on a budget. Click Here, or on the photo below to get all the details…

Happy Brewing and Blending!

Josh Williams Herbalist