Native American Tea

I have a firm belief that some of the most delicious, vibrant, and healing herbs you can bring into your body often come from the same soil where you live. While I enjoy herbal medicines from across the world and give them to my clients, there’s a special place in my heart for the herbs, recipes, and wisdom traditions of this country and what they have to offer us in the modern day.

Since 1987, the Native American Tea Company has shared their line of herbal teas with the world – and I’m one of many fans who are truly grateful for their work. This tea line assembles a variety of plants that grow happily in North America into some of the most delicious and healthy blends on the market.

The Native American Tea Company was founded by passionate Turtle Mountain Chippewa on the Crow Nation Reservation, and now resides in South Dakota on the Standing Rock Reservation of Sitting Bull.

Native American Herbal Recipe

I wanted to share my favorite with you – but I couldn’t choose just one. All of the blends I was fortunate enough to try had unique flavor profiles that were a true blessing to sip. Victory Tea (pictured above) is a sweet, floral blend with a subtle sour undertone thanks to the hibiscus flowers and rose hips. This tea is amazing hot, but also tastes wonderful as an iced herbal tea. Hibiscus is my favorite herb to drink cold, and this blend is wonderful for the warm months!

Native American Herbs

Teepee Dreams combines classic American nervine, sedative, and tonic herbs to help you get a deep, restful sleep without the groggy feeling the next day. This blend can help you drift off to sacred sleep, or can help take the edge off a stressful or anxious day without leaving you tired.

Native American Herbal Tea Recipes

In the delicious and aromatic Indian Love Tea, you’ll find a nicely balanced blend of aphrodisiac, relaxing, and stimulant herbs. This combination helps you relax into the mood of love while getting blood and energy moving to all the right places! This is also a wonderful blend to enjoy when you need a boost in mood, self esteem, or some jitter-free energy.

Indian Herbal Tea

Nourish the mind and the body with the amazing Chief’s Delight blend. This Native American herbal tea combines herbs that help tone and empower the mind while also nourishing the body. For thinkers, teachers, parents, and leaders – this is the blend for you!

Native American Herbal Teas

Get moving and win every battle with the Warrior’s Brew! I’m a huge fan of warming, stimulating herbs like cinnamon, ginger, rosemary, and anise – and this blend has them all! Drink this brew to get your blood moving so that you can take on whatever the day brings you. You can also enjoy this blend anytime your digestive system needs a little nudge in the right direction.

Native American Herbal Tea Bags

I would love to hear what you think about this amazing herbal tea and the company that makes it. Click on any image able to check out all of their amazing blends!

A big thank you to the amazing folks at the Native American Tea Company for their hard work, dedication, and presence. Something that makes this company shine is that they share an impressive portion of their profits with the Sitting Bull College which is a four-year tribal college helping to arm Native American students with the power to create positive change for themselves, their communities, and the world.
Show your support while enjoying some amazing herbal tea at the same time!

Click here to visit Native American Tea Company now!

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  2. I have drank native American tea co tea for over 10 years now and every time I travel to tribal senior luncheons I spread the word about the tea. All the natural benefits for the body. I also give them some so they can order it with the company’s on line ordering on the tea packaging.

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