Why You Should Talk To Your Tea

You read that title right! In this post I plan on convincing you that having very real conversations with your next cup of healing herbal tea is a great idea that will dramatically increase the healing potency of every sip no matter which herbs you work with.

Working With Life

When we brew up tea, it’s easy to forget that the fragrant blends of herbs we’re steeping came from actual living plants. These plants grew from seeds out of the Earth over days, weeks, and even years. They reached for the sun as they absorbed its energy and light while taking in nutrients from the soil around their roots. At some point, a human had to work hard to cultivate, harvest, and then process the plant in a way that maintained its healing power as much as possible so that it could get to your next cup of delicious herbal tea! What a long and magical journey these herbs take to get to us. Whether we grow them in our garden, find them in the wild, or purchase them from reputable herb shops.

The important thing to remember from all of this is that plants were alive. They, like you and I, grew, breathed, reached, and related. While we may not understand how much we really have in common with plants and all other living things, it’s important to understand at very least that we share life in common.

Talking To Plants

When we choose to connect more deeply to the plants that help us, we begin a real relationship that plugs us into the power of life. Since time immemorial, especially among the ancient animist and Shamanic cultures of the world, relating to plants in direct and loving ways helps open us up to levels of healing otherwise not possible.

Talking To Plants

The Benefits Of Talking To Your Tea

Here are just a few of the benefits you can expect to receive when you start relating to the plants that show up to help you in every cup of tea you brew…

Deeper Connection

When you take time to connect with the plants, you forge a deep connection that helps you learn herbology, identification, preparation, and nature awareness in really fantastic ways!

Better Effects

When we become friends with the herbs, our bodies and minds relax around them so that they can enter into deeper levels of our being without restriction. Sometimes our immune systems, nervous systems, digestive systems, or other body or mind systems prevent foods and herbs from going deep due to fear, wild energy, or their unrecognizable form. Connecting to your tea helps relax and open up all these systems so that the healing benefits can go deeper in a more efficient way.


One of the best ways to  connect to herbs is to take time to look up their images online, read 3 different opinions about how they can be used, and try to grow the ones that you really connect with. In no time you’ll be able to recognize the herbs you love as they grow in nature, you’ll know a lot about their medicinal properties, and you’ll feel a sense of closeness and camaraderie with them.

Confidence & Personal Power

When you drink herbal tea you are taking the power of healing int your own hands. The more you learn about the herbs that help you heal, the more that power increases. You and the relationships you have with nature become the backbone for your personal healing system – and you end up feeling empowered, confident, and optimistic in the face of any challenge because of these connections.

How To Connect

Talking to your tea should be as easy, relaxed, and heart-centered as talking to any loved one. While you sip, browse images of the herbs that are included in your tea blend, or think of them if you already know how they look when they’re growing. Thank the plants and talk to them about how they can help you. If you’re drinking tea with mullein in it for lung health, thank the mullein plant for sharing its power with you, talk to it about your lung health issues, and ask it humbly to help you with your healing.

Maintain a state of gratitude, naturalness, and joy when you connect with herbs. Keep it light and loving and you’ll find that they start benefiting you in really unexpected ways. You may experience synchronicity, opportunities, or even new friendships that enrich your life in the perfect way. You may also find that your sense of wellness, feeling connected to nature,. being at home in your body and on the Earth, and walking the life path you have becomes more effortless, enjoyable, and ‘right’.

Talk to your tea, express gratitude for the plants, and open yourself up to the endless ways in which they can help you be the best you can be!

Josh Williams Herbalist

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  1. josh you just blew my mind!!!!!!!!!!! you lined me up, fitted me, funneled me, even transported me, up to where I am already heading back to talking to the plants and animals ,. yes you are right we all are connected through the sun, moon, air, water and nutrients wow its amazing and we were created perfect! it has taken many years to mess it up, it will not take that long to clear it up! so to say mental imagery is very underestimated along with the ability of the human brain to create and perform miracles, just like talking to the tea, thank you so much josh for the insight to the new way of living, being in contact with the world we walk on and take for granted. saying that it seems that I would like to stay in touch some how.

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