Sacred Blossom Farm

Among the ‘green blooded’ people, those who love plants, there seems to be an endless stream of synchronicity. We often find ourselves in the same places at the same time, reaching for the same book at the bookstore, or wandering on the same paths in the wilderness. In the case of Sacred Blossom Farm, we found ourselves agreeing on the term ‘Living Herbal Tea’ as a poetic and poignant way of stating just how we feel about plant medicine. Sacred Blossom Farm is a project run by my friend Tony DiMaggio in Wisconsin. He grows herbs and sources them […] Read More

Adaptogen Herbal Teas

In case you didn’t already know, I am a huge fan of the adaptogen class of herbs. These specialized, powerful herbs bring something extremely important to our modern lives- and I think they’re one of the most crucial types of plant medicines to understand and work with. I’ve devoted my clinical practice to working with adaptogen herbs, and in this post I want to show you how you can incorporate adaptogen herbal teas into your wellness routine. What Are Adaptogens? I’m glad you asked! Adaptogens are a class of herbs that all have something very special in common. These […] Read More

Healing with Holy Basil

Holy Basil (Ocimum sanctum), also known as Tulsi throughout the Southeast Asian world, is perhaps one of my most favorite medicinal herbs to work with. The vibrant green and purple colors, the robust and exotic flavors and aromas, and the deep and profound healing effects it shares with us never cease to stir up great gratitude within my heart, and I’m excited to be sharing this herb with you today. Drinking With A Goddess Throughout India, Holy Basil varieties are grown in temples and homes- and they’re quite literally treated like a living Goddess. In modern Hindu tradition, Holy […] Read More

Cure Teas

If you’ve been reading my blog for long, you know that I am a huge advocate for working with whole herbs when making teas. The reasons are endless, but the most important are that the medicinal properties of the herbs are contained in the natural cell structures when the herbs have not been powdered, volatile oils are less likely to evaporate or go rancid during storage, and you get to bypass the often less-than-healthy tea bags that contain powdered teas. The issue with using whole herbs in making teas is that it can be hard for many people to […] Read More

Releasing Anger With Herbal Tea

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, it is believed that nearly all imbalances and serious health concerns are rooted in the emotions. Anger, for example, can aggravate and cause imbalances in the Liver, while Liver issues can in turn increase our chances of being in chronic states of anger. Emotions are some of the strongest patterns of energy that move through our being, so learning to identify them, understand how they influence us, and help keep them healthy and balanced is essential for overall wellness. Anger The Teacher Anger has purpose and roots. In the form of being mad, resentful, bitter, […] Read More

The Healing Properties Of Roses

Roses have such deep symbolism, tradition, and meaning for many of us – but did you know they also bring an amazing wealth of healing power to every sip of herbal tea they’re added to? Roses are one of my favorite herbal allies, and by the end of this article I think you’ll be excited to find or make tea blends that include them.  The healing properties of roses, both petals and hips, are rivaled only by their amazing scent and impressive colors. Please note: conventional roses are some of the most chemically-treated plants on the market. You absolutely […] Read More

Herbal Tea For Fatigue

Have you ever had one of those days where you felt tired, exhausted, or drained even though you may have slept through the night? Many people have days like this far too often, and some even feel this way every single day. Fatigue can be caused by a variety of root issues, but the good news is most of them can be addressed and supported with relative ease. In this post, I’ll be sharing some information with you about how stress and strain relates to energy levels, and sharing some of my favorite herbal tea for fatigue recipes as […] Read More

Herbal Tea For Anxiety

Most of us have a wellness issue we spend a great deal of our lives working with. For me, it’s anxiety. I’ve always been an anxious person, and one of the reasons why I have dedicated my life to plant medicine is that it’s been the single most effective tool I’ve worked with to help find my calm. In this post I’m going to talk about a few of my favorite herbs to help with anxiousness, and share an herbal tea for anxiety recipe that has become my personal favorite. For many of us, anxiety is more than just […] Read More

Herbal Tea For Worry

Have you ever found your mind bouncing from one negative thought to another? Stayed awake at night trying to find your way out of a sea of thoughts? Worked yourself into an anxiety attack just by what was playing in your head? As someone who’s an expert worrier, I sympathize! Sometimes it seems like my thoughts and feelings go faster than I can keep up with – and I can feel them winding up my muscles, speeding up my heartbeat, and sending me sinking down into a well of despair and hopelessness. In this article I’m going to share […] Read More