Joyful Herbal Teas

Sometimes we just don’t feel as light and happy as we’d like. Stress, depression, fatigue, poor diet, and other issues can creep in under the radar and prevent us from experiencing the joy we deserve. The good news is that there are several herbal teas that can help dust off your joy potential and get you feeling great in no time!

Today I’d like to share a few of my favorite ‘smile inducing’ herbal teas, and encourage you try them all when you get the chance. Most of these teas are single herbs, so you can find them at your local health food store in bulk or in pre-packaged herbal tea envelopes making it easy to enjoy them anytime you need a happy boost.

Lemon Balm

This is the classic go-to herb for many herbalists when sadness, heaviness, or lack of joy are happening. The light, lemon-like flavor of lemon balm herbal tea pleases the senses, and the calming yet enlivening effects on the medicinal end make things feel better than okay! Lemon balm tea is also a great one because it can be added to virtually any other tea blend since its flavor adapts so well.


Either the hips (which are packed with vitamin C) or the petals count on this one depending on your personal tastes. For those who are given peace and happiness from a walk through a garden or receiving fresh flowers, this tea is for you! Rose herbal tea is calming and tonifying to the nerves while also opening up the heart center and creating a sense of abundant well-being. It’s interesting to note how many men actually love rose herbal tea!


To me, peppermint herbal tea is a great alternative to a fizzy drink. There’s a light and playful energy to peppermint that makes it stimulating without being speedy while it also soothes and comforts. Throughout Britain, peppermint herbal tea is a perennial favorite because of how well it goes with all types of food and because it is a natural mood lifter. It’s super easy to find peppermint tea in ready-to-use bags, or you can get extra close to the healing power of this herb by keeping it fresh in your windowsill!


Oat seed tea or oat straw tea are perfect options for people who love coffee. The earthy and grainy flavor combined with the comforting aroma make this tea the perfect alternative to high-caffeine coffee’s that often just make emotional imbalances worse when ‘the crash’ happens. Oat is known for its calming, soothing, and grounding abilities, and it also helps open the heart and create a sense of expansive trust and peace. A great tea for anyone who deals with anxiety, stress, and depression.


Here’s to joy!